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Post  OptimusGonzo on Thu Oct 11, 2007 3:38 pm

That video was hardly shocking. the irony for me is that I've yet to see a video comparing similar facts in another western nation; It would seem we're all still centered on the USA, and by having this conversation I prove my point. I also think thats Ironic that he said that 70% liked their local school district but 50% thought that public education needed to be fixed. Lol, were they polling kids not in public school? Missouri, IMHO, is an amazing center of learning for our nation. We have one of the greatest engineering schools in the nation, UMR (and MANY foreign professors, as well as many from all over the US, about half and half), we have an excellent private education system, about an equal number of private schools as public ones, and we also have many excellent smaller universities (at least non ivy league) like Washington University, and the University of Missouri-Columbia (for all the futbol Americno fans out there- MIZZOU). Ironically however we are above average for education in the states, and every grade school I've gone to, all private mind you, has had a standardized test that the man was talking about, and my high school has one too.

The problem lies not in our education system in Missouri at least, we know we have a good system, the problem is in what we're teaching kids; I only had geography one year in school every other year it was, "social studies" and world history one year in High scool, it was American history since then, and very few kids are enthused about their history or world education. America is by no means are forced to know anything about the world, and they show their ignorance with pride. Like I said, we're not dumb, we're fully capable of learning, and we're also very ignorant, we don't care and we don't have to.

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