Italy's public enemy #1: Berlusconi!!

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Re: Italy's public enemy #1: Berlusconi!!

Post  OptimusGonzo on Mon Oct 15, 2007 1:19 pm

backtothegrave wrote:it's sad to know that...
in a few years the usa changed completely at the eye of italians.
from those who saved us from fascism you've become something like an unwelcome master, one that makes former friends to bend to its will by strenght or money.
that's sad, expecially if you think that italian point of view on the usa has always been positive, except during the vietnam war

Thats hilarious, and no, the majority of Americans wouldn't even know where to start in making a map of the world. I probably wouldn't know where to start, I'm a terrible artist, if only I could just tell one what to draw for me, we'd be in business.

now that I think about, it I guess the world does have this view of the US, especially since the USSR fell. Well, it looks like I've got alot to accomplish when I get into office

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