The General Lee

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The General Lee

Post  OptimusGonzo on Sat Oct 13, 2007 7:27 am

One of my Favorite stories from Michael Yon's blog is about a stryker nicknamed the General Lee. I've mentioend Michael a few times on the forums here, and if you don't know about what he's trying to accomplish here's a bit of a description.

Anyway, there's an interesting story he wrote with an acompanying video that was filmed by the terrorists, and what it doesn't show is how after the stryker got hit, everyone lived.

The dispatch containing the full story, worth the read

Watch as this thing gets hit and the film crew scream Allahu Akbar, and then remember that the film crew managed to run away after this thing got hit, and not the soldiers who managed to get their vehicle repaired after only three days. The bomb destroyed the entire section of the road.

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